21 Exposures: Jake Lore

21 Exposures: Jake Lore

A unique pictorial journey through New York City as seen through the eyes of our latest interview subject.

Jake Lore

This Course: Jake Lore

The unexpected pop star on the mystique of Lana Del Rey, his entry into music, and celebrity cat Maru.


Q&A With Roman Flugel

The name Roman Flugel has been synonymous with dance music since the 1990s. Here the eclectic producer shares some of what makes him tick from behind the consoles and beyond.


Q&A With Jokers of the Scene

Linus Booth and Chris Macintyre have covered a lot of ground since starting their Jokers project well over 8 years ago.


This Course: Chela

Cool girl Chela sounds off on everything—the crab theme, shark teeth, and who she’d include in her supergroup.

Archie Pelago (Photo cred Paul Brooks)

Q&A With Archie Pelago

The vibes of the east coast and the west coast have come together in perfect and natural form with the collaboration of Brooklyn trio Archie Pelago and Bay Area born producer (now LA local) Grenier.


The Explosion of a (Dark Pop) Star

Supernova Rilan Roppolo discusses his NOLA upbringing, the musical heroes of his youth, and evildoer Michael Myers.


This Girl’s Got Moxie!

The golden age of first-name-only female popstars is here. Moxie sets a fine example as the latest music starlet aiming for big things.

Red Axes 2014 - photography - Michael Topyol - production - Spoiled Bastard 3

Q&A With Red Axes

Raised on a steady diet of post-punk, hedonistic warehouse parties, and fogged out basement jams, the formation Red Axes was inevitable.


Vital Stats: BROODS

New Zealand’s Georgia and Caleb Nott on their favorite nightspots, the hottest popstar and their last bad dream.

Gary Numan

South by Southwest 2014

Our pictorial account of SXSW featuring London Grammar, Tove Lo, Until the Ribbon Breaks and Gary Numan.


Vital Stats: NONONO

The Scandinavian trio lifts the veil on their favorite night spots, the hottest popstar and the choicest Kanye West lyric.

Luke Million

Q&A with Luke Million

A proper sit-down with the Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer who also serves as the synth half of the Swiss.

Silver Swans

Q&A with Silver Swans

San Francisco’s dream pop duo on the evolution of artists, Miley Cyrus’ shenanigans and their latest TOUCH LP.

Deptford Goth

Vital Stats: Deptford Goth

The self-made UK producer is about to invade North America with his ‘doom pop’. Here’s your pocket guide.

Atoms for Peace

Q&A with Andrew Thomas Huang

We dive deep into the director’s psychedelic wonderland of performance, puppetry and inventive animation.

Touch Sensitive

Q&A with Touch Sensitive

A proper chat with the DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and Van She co-founder in his current home of L.A.


Q&A with múm

Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason on Icelandic swimming pools, cohesive albums, and his band’s forthcoming Smilewound LP.


Q&A with Palmbomen

An interview with the exciting new Dutch producer whose name, in his native language, tellingly means “palm trees.”

Eddie C

Q&A with Eddie C

A deep look into the self-taught musician, producer, and DJ whose sonic explorations have jumped from hip-hop to house, and techno as his home has moved from Toronto to Alberta to Berlin, where he currently dwells.


Q&A with Elliphant

The Swede has burst out of the gate and is already running with the best of them. Here the siren talks touring, American pop, and those entirely unexpected Rihanna comparisons.


Exclusive: “MANIAC” Soundtrack Remix

French duo Get a room! remixed a killer track called “Haunted” off the MANIAC soundtrack and we get the first listen…

Russ Manning

Vital Stats: Rush Midnight

Rush Midnight’s frontman on synths, his preference when it comes to tequila, and the desire to create The People’s Court theme.

Empress of

Vital Stats: Empress Of

A new heir to the dream-pop throne, Lorely Rodriguez scrapes the height of loveliness on her debut EP, Systems.

Ólafur Arnalds

Q&A with Ólafur Arnalds

The multi-instrumentalist and producer on writing songs in supermarkets, his perfectionist attitude, and D’Angelo.

Little Boots

Catch-Up: Little Boots

Following a fallout with Warner Music Group, UK songstress Victoria Hesketh takes matters into her own hands with Nocturnes.


Vital Stats: Disclosure

Two brothers are emerging in the UK as the next big producers—and they’re not even old enough to drink.

Russell Manning

Q&A with Russell Manning

The former bassist of Twin Shadow on his athletic background, crashing in a haunted hotel and his solo project, Rush Midnight.


Q&A with Casey Reas

The famed software designer provides an in-depth look at his innovative stage design for Yeasayer’s Fragrant World tour.

Laurel Halo

Q&A with Laurel Halo

With a drum loop playing quietly in the background, we sat down with Halo at her home/recording studio in Brooklyn to discuss the making of Quarantine, her working habits, and eating Doritos for lunch.


Video Premiere: DUST

We debut a new track and film for the acid house-meets-Italo act as well as interview the musicians behind the project.


Q&A with Japandroids

We hopped on the phone with Brian King―guitarist/vocalist for and one half of Japandroids―for a long chat about their career thus far, the new record, recording in Nashville, and their love of the Gun Club.

Eric Duncan

Catch-Up: Eric Duncan

In which we chat with the iconic NYC DJ and producer about his new Still Going Records imprint, the long-awaited Rub ‘N’ Tug LP, and what else 2012 holds.


Q&A with I:Cube

We sat down the the legendary DJ/producer to talk about the French house scene, his roots and history as an artist, and his new album.

Kasper Bjørke

Q&A with Kasper Bjørke

Our chat with the Danish DJ and producer about his story, from the days of being in the radio-friendly, successful pop group Filur to releasing his own material, A&R’ing, and managing.


Q&A with Ital

A chat with the left-field house music producer whose debut long-player Hive Mind just dropped on the legendary Planet Mu.


Video: Veronica Vasicka, Steve Summers & Jacques Renault

A peek into the mayhem that ensued at the 285 Kent Ave. party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which featured some of our favorite local dance music artists.

Sep 30, 2011 / Mexico City: Emily playing Mexico City on her birthday, followed by an early lobby call to fly to Columbia.

These Here Are Crazy Times: A Warpaint Visual Tour Journal

A couple years ago Warpaint burst onto the scene as an indie rock anomaly. Since then, they’ve won over the hearts and minds of fans the world over. Last year, photographer Robin Laananen spent time on road with them and paired down this visual tour journal.

120 Days

Q&A with 120 Days

We sat down with the bands frontman, Ådne Meisfjord, to talk about their half-decade hiatus, the Norwegian scene, the group’s roots, and more.


Studio Visit: Lindstrøm

We swung by Lindstrøm’s Oslo studio to check in with the man and peep his setup in anticipation of his excellent new LP (the first of two for 2012), Six Cups of Rebel.


Vital Stats: WAVVES

WAVVES offer their choices for karaoke songs and reveal their favorite way of playing Monopoly.


Video Premier: Lilacs & Champagne’s “Lilacs”

Producers, Alex Hall and Emil Amos take us on an audio journey as malleable and warm as the desert landscape.


21 Exposures: Regina

The Finnish band gives us a peek into their vacation through their homeland.


Q&A with Korallreven

In which we discuss the distinctly non-Swedish feeling of being an indie musician in Sweden, performing live for the first time, and the band’s incredible debut LP, An Album by Korallreven.


Incoming: Kris Moyes Directs the Rapture

An intimate survey of the Aussie director’s innovative body of work, including an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his latest music video.

No matter how hard you try to center a photo with a disposable camera, it just never works. But maybe that’s a good thing. And we hope that kid at the top didn’t fall.

21 Exposures: the Golden Filter

The electro-pop duo takes us on a pictorial journey through Australia.


Q&A with Girls

We sit down with Girls, hot off the release of the stellar followup to their debut LP (Album), Father, Son, Holy Ghost.


SPOT Survey

There is something rocking in the state of Denmark. I’m a Jewish kid from California, so I’ve always found it a bit difficult to explain to friends why I am so attracted to Scandinavia. Is it the women? Well, sure, they’re gorgeous, but that’s not it. Nor is it the liberal governments, the free health [...]


Catch Up: DJ Harvey

The legendary Harvey Bassett talks stage antics, the world’s largest acid tab and sheds some light on his latest project, Locussolus.


Studio Visit: Kitsuné

Stéphane “DJ Falcon” Quême shot a handful of photos at the label’s Paris offices while we caught up with the company’s head honcho, Gildas Loaëc.