Let’s pour one out for every major character killed off on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Actually, let’s not. The behemoth, which is heading into its eighth and final season set to air in 2019, is a continuous shock-death trap. Trystane Martell was no exception. If you recall, the eldest son of Doran and heir to Dorne was stabbed through the head, in a coup orchestrated by those damned Sand Snakes in season six. Arguably, it’s Toby Sebastian’s most widely recognizable role to date.

That’s sure to change with Michael Radford’s The Music of Silence in which the English actor—and seriously talented singer—plays a most-recognized Andrea Bocelli, the golden-voiced Italian tenor who overcame blindness to find superstardom on the world stage, having sold more than 80 million albums to date. The film is based on Bocelli’s 1999 autobiographical novel of the same title and was written in collaboration with its author, and features never-before-released compositions.

Bocelli’s story—or the story of Amos Bardi, the tenor’s alter ego in the film—is extraordinary for many reasons, not least because he went blind at the age of 12. He struggled in his quest to read Braille music and making ends meet as a bar singer, until his potential was finally recognized by Luciano Pavarotti. The Music of Silence, which also stars Antonio Banderas in the role of Maestro, takes the story up to when Bocelli is beginning to taste what will become his meteoric rise to fame.

The Music of Silence is now playing in select theaters.

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