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Elijah Wood of Come to Daddy at the Tribeca Film Festival. © Reto Sterchi.

Tribeca Film Festival Selects

The standout talent from Gotham’s film mecca, featuring Simon Pegg, Abel Ferrara, Karl Urban and Elijah Wood—in portraits.

Mark and his mother sleeping in an abandoned home while homeless.

Spotlight: Mark Webber’s Secret Movie on Kickstarter

Help the award-winning actor/director make a film so potent, vulnerable, and personal that he can’t tell you what it’s about yet.

Mark Webber

Catch-Up: Mark Webber

The actor-turned-filmmaker on fathers and sons, living in the present, and his sophomore feature film, The End of Love.


Video recap: Sundance ‘12

A visual capsule of our memories from this year’s Sundance Film Festival.