Our latest installment f 21 Exposures―a series of pieces in which we give a disposable camera to a band we like, the use up the roll and send us back whatever they captured for publication―we have something pretty special. While this editor was in Tampere, Finland for the Music & Media conference and Lost In Music festival, he saw a band that absolutely blew his socks off: Regina. Fast-forward a month or so and they’ve handed over 30 beautiful images from their recent holidays. (Why 30, you ask? Simply because they weren’t satisfied with all the shots and snapped another roll to make up for the mediocre stuff.) Flip through the gallery and see where their travels led them… from hotel pools to spaghetti dinners, serene glimpses of the countryside to burger shacks. We also highly suggest checking the band out yourself by heading over to their MySpace page (“Unessa” will melt your heart) and grabbing their album from Friendly Fire.

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