Liron Weissman

A Toronto-based photographer, image maker, and visual consultant. Working between Tel Aviv and Toronto (and Europe when she has the chance), she is drawn to the blending of art, technology, and creation. She seeks out interesting interactions with beautiful people, and constantly pursues aesthetics.

Kevin Scanlon

Kevin Scanlon is an award-winning photographer. Since 2001, he has shot an impressive array of celebrities, artists, musicians, athletes, everyday people, and business luminaries for editorial, entertainment, and advertising clients.

Eric Frideen

Eric Frideen is a London-based photographer. He is a regular contributor at Wallpaper*, ELLE, GQ, and Vogue magazine.

Kelly Balch

Kelly Balch is a photographer based in Los Angeles.

Fergus Franks

Fergus Franks is a photographer and art director based in London.

Christopher Patey

Christopher Patey’s work has been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, People and Playboy, among others.

Leslie Alejandro

Leslie Alejandro is a director, producer, filmmaker, and photographer whose work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Variety, GQ, and Men’s Health.


Pip is a self-taught photographer and director from Northern England specialising in portraiture, fashion, and advertising.

Christopher Abbott

Christopher Abbott is an American actor.

Birgit Palma

Birgit is a multidisciplinary illustrator and lettering addict working and living in Barcelona, Spain. Crafting at the sweet spot between modern avantgarde and illustration, she’s passionate about patterns, textures, surrealist art and abstract geometry.

Alessandro Penso

Alessandro Penso studied clinical psychology at Rome’s La Sapienza University. In 2007, he received a scholarship to study photojournalism at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia. Alessandro’s work has appeared in numerous publications, including Stern Magazine, The Guardian, BBC, The New York Times, Businessweek, Time Magazine, the International Herald Tribune, Human Rights Watch, L’Espresso, Internazionale, D […]

Gemma Pranita

Gemma Pranita is a photographer and storyteller living and working in Sydney, Australia.

Udo Spreitzenbarth

Udo Spreitzenbarth is an international fashion, beauty, and art photographer. Udo was born in Germany and resides in New York City.

Matthew Cylinder

Matthew Cylinder is a New York-based portrait and fashion photographer.

Christian Hartmann

Born in Germany, Christian Hartmann has also lived in France, the United States and Italy. He attended photography school in Munich and worked as a photograher’s assistant in New York. Hartmann specialized in fashion and advertising for 15 years before deciding to pursue directing and portrait photography.

Greg Samborski

Greg Samborski is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. When Greg gets tired of emails, he can be found wielding knives, riding dirt bikes, or flying drones in sketchy places. His clients include Google, Dior, Four Seasons Hotel, The Economist, and American Express.

Iris Duvekot

Iris Duvekot is an Amsterdam-based photographer specializing in portrait, fashion, and travel photography.


PAYAM is a New York and Los Angeles-based celebrity and advertising photographer. He counts Playboy, Sleek, Basic, SOMA, and New York Magazine amongst some his editorial clients as well as world-renowned agencies such as Publicis and Grey. @payam_pictures

Noah Asanias

Noah Asanias is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Follow him on Instagram @noahasanias

Renan Ozturk

Renan Ozturk is a German-born American mountaineer, landscape artist, photographer, expedition filmmaker and cinematographer, and co-founder of Camp 4 Collective. He was named “Adventurer of the Year” by National Geographic in 2012.

Ariel Fisher

Ariel Fisher is a director and photographer based in Los Angeles. She was raised on art books and colorful walls, and likes hanging around them still. She believes that when you have a point of view and don’t forget to eat breakfast, your chances of changing the world are pretty high.

Charlie Gray

Charlie Gray is a London-based photographer and the UK ambassador for Leica.

Daniel Levi

Daniel Levi is an artist, filmmaker and writer based in Cape Town.

Fredrik Harper

Fredrik is a photographer based in Oslo, Norway.

Kee Chang

Kee Chang is Anthem magazine’s senior editor.

Mat Abad

Mat Abad is an LA-based fashion and commercial photographer. Born and raised in the Philippines, he came to the United States in his early teens and began a decade-long career as a professional dancer.

Mitchell McCormack

Mitchell is an acclaimed celebrity photographer and the U.S. Correspondent Photographer for GQ Thailand.

Andrew Stiles

Andrew is a photographer based in Venice, California. He’s crazy about Venice Beach. He eats kale and practices yoga. He recycles. He’s also obsessed with tacos.

Danaea Li

Danaea is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jeff Walton

Jeff is a photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in commercial photo assignments and editorial portraits.

Bjoern Kommerell

Originally from Germany, Bjoern moved to Los Angeles in 1997 after getting his business degree to specialize in celebrity portraits.

The Riker Brothers

The Los Angeles-based brother duo took up photography after feeling unfulfilled in the business world. They were first scouted to be models while on vacation in Miami Beach. Their first assignment was shooting with Bruce Weber for L’Uomo Vogue. After two days on location immersed in that creative environment, it was clear what their new […]

Jean-Francois Mariotti

Jean-Francois is a Paris-based photographer specializing in portraits and fashion.

Reto Sterchi

Born and raised in Signau, Switzerland, Reto Sterchi is a film reporter and documentary photographer currently based in New York City. Clients include Rolling Stone, Vice, Credit Suisse, Port magazine, Zeit Magazin, Esquire, W, and At Large.

Stefan Armbruster

Stefan Armbruster was born and raised in the Black Forest of Germany. He currently splits his time between Paris and Vienna.

Sophy Holland

Sophy Holland is a British photographer and director based in New York City with over 12 years of experience in the fashion, advertising, and film industries.

Van Sarki

Van Sarki is a portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

Harrison Sheehan

Harrison is an actor and cinematographer based in New York City.

Jesse Dittmar

Tall enough to reach most things and born in the U.S., Jesse Dittmar grew up on the East Coast and currently lives in New York City. Some people like to call him JD.

Christian Zervos

Christian Zervos is a portrait and event photographer based in Norway.

Dustin A. Beatty

Dustin A. Beatty is the Editor-in-Chief at Anthem.

Andrew Paynter

Andrew Paynter is a photographer and director based in Oakland, California.

Jordana Sheara

Jordana Sheara

Jordana Sheara is a freelance photographer with a slight obsession for travel. Her work leans towards the ethereal and is known for her playful use of light and shadow.

Alexander Dahl

Alexander Dahl is a natural born storyteller with an eye for beauty in its naked details. Making the most of natural light and authentic settings, his objects and subjects take on exquisite qualities.

Ricardo Fumanal

Ricardo Fumanal was born in Spain. He moved to London after cultivating his youthful spirit in Barcelona and Madrid. His current artistic outlook is expanding from the realm of manual drawing (marker, pencil and ink on paper) into moving images.

Patrick Houi

Patrick Houi

Patrick Houi was born in Frankfurt a.M., Germany. His origin is an assortment of Indonesia, China, the Czech Republic and Italy. After breaking up his studies in technical media, he ventured into photography. Patrick is a freelance photographer currently based in Berlin.

Ryan Hooks

Ryan Hooks

Ryan Hooks is a multi-disciplinary artist who collaborates with musicians, visual artists and other great minds to help promote sustainable economic practices. He’s also the founder of Huxley.

Dan Beleiu

Dan Beleiu is a Berlin-based fashion photographer. His editorial clients include Wonderland, Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Numero and Grazia, among others.

David Call

David Call is an American actor.

Bjarne Jonasson

Bjarne Jonasson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. At the age of 16, photography became his passion.