In a recent conversation with our good friend and Anthem contributor, Timothy Saccenti, he had this to say about the creative community in New York: “There’s a system in New York where if you’re not trying to survive, struggling to do something interesting, the city will purge you out very quickly. There’s always this feeling in New York that we’ve all sacrificed something to get here and there’s no backup plan, and because of that, it creates a nervousness, tension and excitement that I feel brings out the most creative aspects in people.”

Perhaps applying this sort of dialogue to the journey of up-and-coming bands in New York like ArpLine is a tad bit obvious. But in all fairness, the fighting spirit of any creative person floating in a sea of constant uncertainty seems worth doting on. And we only bring this up because Timothy happened to check out an ArpLine show with us and we really appreciated his mutual enthusiasm for a band that had been blinking on our radar for some time. They’re starting to register in a much bigger way now, notably with the recent release of their debut LP, Travel Book.

In our effort to give Anthem readers a proper introduction to the Brooklyn-based five-piece, we asked the lovely people at Project Fathom to shadow the band and document their creative process for us. If you like what you hear, be sure to grab ArpLine’s aforementioned album at this link for the price of your choosing.

Anthem Magazine Presents: Arpline from Project Fathom on Vimeo.

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