Oftentimes, we find ourselves digging back through seminal psych box sets like Nuggets and Pebbles to remind us that there’s something really special about music from the 60s and 70s. Those behind Mexican Summer know this better than anyone, as do the artists who land on their label. With an extensive catalog of oddities and tripped out tracks there’s no debating that these Brooklyn-based audiophiles are merging the past with the present.

Music as a collage culture isn’t new news; in fact, it’s at the core of producing-team Alex Hall and Emil Amos’ latest project, Lilacs and Champagne. Stylistically, they take cues from producers like Madlib but add to the conversation by layering 70s movie scores over looping percussion and sounds that will have dedicated diggers wanting their samples. The result is a musical journey as malleable and warm as the desert landscape.

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