A brief overview: 21 Exposures is an ongoing photography project that aims to document the lives of Anthem’s select interview subjects as told through the eyes of the subjects themselves. Each of our candidates are given a disposable camera with a set number of exposures to work with—21 as you might have guessed already—and plainly told that once the photos are developed, every photo will be shared.

For our third collaboration in this series, we asked the New York-based neu-disco act, The Golden Filter, to snap some photos while they were embarking on a trip to Australia in March/April 2011. Since Penelope and Stephen are known for being somewhat elusive, we were curious to see what bizarre photos might hatch out of this special partnership. (The resulting photos can be found in the gallery.)

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, either. The Golden Filter has just unveiled a stunning short film called Syndromes—a joint effort between the band and Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli—and its accompanying soundtrack featuring six original songs. The film and soundtrack are both available for purchase starting today. There have also put together a special limited vinyl and art edition package, which comes with an exclusive signed and numbered poster, and you can purchase that at The Vinyl Factory by following this link.

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