On the Move: Danny Boome

The culinary all-rounder on fatherhood, the farm-to-table movement, and hitting the road again with Good Food America.

These Here Are Crazy Times: A Warpaint Visual Tour Journal

A couple years ago Warpaint burst onto the scene as an indie rock anomaly. Since then, they’ve won over the hearts and minds of fans the world over. Last year, photographer Robin Laananen spent time on road with them and paired down this visual tour journal.

Mayor John

Diary: Braddock, Pennsylvania

Our in-depth look into the small, broken-down post-industrial town of Braddock, Pennsylvania, as shot by Melodie McDaniel.

Video recap: Sundance ‘12

A visual capsule of our memories from this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Rodrigo Cortés

The acclaimed director on his latest film, Red Lights, the meteoric rise of Elizabeth Olsen and his philosophy as a filmmaker.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with “Mr. Oizo”

Anthem caught up with Quentin Dupieux to discuss The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the ups and downs of making commercials, and the origins of his wicked sense of humor.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Jake Johnson

New Girl’s breakout star on his latest film Safety Not Guaranteed, Lynn Shelton’s directorial methods and what to expect from the “Jake Johnson Suite” at the Sixth Avenue Inn in Seattle.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Paul Dano

The accomplished actor talks to Anthem about his latest film, For Ellen, tight jeans and working with a young, untrained actress.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Chris Messina

The star of 28 and Celeste & Jesse Forever on the film cultures of Los Angeles and New York, Rashida Jones and improv acting.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Gina Rodriguez

The festival’s “it girl” on her hip-hop influences, Latino stereotypes in Hollywood and her breakthrough performance as Filly Brown.

Sundance ‘12: A Conversation with Zachary Booth and Thure Lindhardt

The stars of Keep the Lights On discuss sex, addiction and the funny things that happen when you shoot a movie in New York City.

21 Exposures: the Golden Filter

The electro-pop duo takes us on a pictorial journey through Australia.


SPOT Survey

There is something rocking in the state of Denmark. I’m a Jewish kid from California, so I’ve always found it a bit difficult to explain to friends why I am so attracted to Scandinavia. Is it the women? Well, sure, they’re gorgeous, but that’s not it. Nor is it the liberal governments, the free health […]

Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Cannes 2011: A Pictorial Roundup

Usually, as the 11 days of the Cannes Film Festival carries on, a lethal mix of fatigue, bad temper, disappointments, envy, and excruciating hangovers befall all but the most indefatigable of optimists. Thankfully, it’s smoother sailing for those of us without press deadlines, even at the sight of a bursting inbox waving a white flag […]

Jacques Renault at the Standard

Video: Jacques Renault In L.A.

We hung out with the Brooklyn-based DJ/producer during his mini tour in L.A. to produce this truly epic profile video on the man.

Le Journal De Cannes: Part 3

Having finally caught up on all the films competing for the Palme d’Or this year, which at once seemed like an insurmountable task, we find ourselves singing a rather bittersweet tune, now just mere hours away from Cannes’ closing ceremony. In it’s 63rd year running, the festival presented a surprisingly disjointed assortment of films, including: […]

Le Journal De Cannes: Part 1

Widely recognized as the most prestigious and influential film festival in the world, Cannes needs no introduction. The mere mention of its name conjures up enchanting images—Hollywood stars decked out in their most sumptuous eveningwear on the red carpet, the Mediterranean shimmering with the sparkling lights of flotilla of yachts, and bikini-clad models basking in […]