If you didn't already get the memo, word on the street is that our annual Coachella bash is the best party offering you'll find in the desert every mid-April, and that's the way it's been since 2004 when we threw our debut.

This year we amped it up yet another notch by taking over a bigger plot of land, inviting a handful of stellar international DJ's to spin the 1s and 2s, and luring in one of the coolest all-star crowds we've ever seen.

Belgium's epic space-disco outfit Aeroplane was the headlining act with Cage & Aviary (DFA), Trouble & Bass, Cool Cats (Ed Banger), and many others going on as well. Our infinity pool was packed with inflatable fun and party-goers from 11 AM through 8 PM, and the huge lake we were fortunate to find ourselves in temporary possession of was packed with all sorts of watersports fun like rafts, paddle boats, and jet skis. Oh, yeah, and some big names popped in as well! One of the hottest models around today, Agyness Deyn, swung by with her posse; comedian Aziz Ansari (Human Giant, Parks and Recreation, Anthem #38) meandered around the lakeside with his buds; Entourage's Adrian Grenier swung by to nab a few of Alternative Apparel's finest threads; and even Wu Tang Clan's notorious GZA popped in for a few minutes (he also gave us a drop which you'll soon see online!)

Of course the party wasn't all Paris Hiltons and Audrina Patridges; artists we have all the love and support for in the world were in ample attendance as well. Sweden's top chanteuse Lykke Li was spotted several times, the Presets were seen going straight for the delicious BBQ buffet, Stone's Throw's Peanut Butter Wolf was deep in conversation with various attendees for the duration of his stay, Phantom Planet's Alex Greenwald was being ogled by cute girls from the minute he stepped through our gates, and the Ed Banger guys, as usual, were having the time of their life, enjoying the sun, the beautiful party-goers, our cool pool, and ample stock of beverages.

We'll be the first to say that we're really bummed it's all over once again, but know that we'll be stretching our mourning out with a number of video features in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for those and be sure to come to next year's fiesta to relive the dream once again. And lest we forget that there was an actual music festival going on while we were at the Anthem Ranch, here's our rundown of the best (and worst) acts we saw at Coachella itself.

Lastly, we weren't the only ones with cameras, pen, and paper at the bash, so be sure to click over to these fine sites for additional recaps.


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Gene Kosoy

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