Larry Gus

Q&A with Larry Gus

A journey with the DFA Records artist that touches on hardcore punk, pirate radio, discovering dance music, great French literature, the magic of the MPC, the influence of paintings, and the bliss of solitude.

We Own the Night: The Edison

Kick back and knock back some nostalgia-infused libations at this downtown Los Angeles hotspot.

We Own the Night: Bar Centro

Bar Centro inside Beverly Hills’ extravagant SLS Hotel offers José Andrés’ “Bazaar” culinary experiments.

We Own the Night: Bourbon & Branch

A modern-day speakeasy nestled in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District keeps night vultures on their toes.

21 Exposures: Anson Mount

The gunslinging star of Hell on Wheels offers Anthem a glimpse into his life in New York City.

Q&A with Matthew Viragh

The founder of Nitehawk Cinema on reinventing the dinner and a movie concept, the downside of hosting The Human Centipede 2 and that certain multiplex opening up around the corner in Williamsburg.


Q&A with Bleached

Our in-depth chat with the two Clavin sisters on their current band, Bleached, growing up in L.A., falling hard for SoCal punk, and the future as they see it.


Q&A with Lovefingers

The man behind the house and disco imprint, ESP Institute, talks shop.

the Faint

Q&A with the Faint

Todd Fink on the band’s commitment to the DIY aesthetic, their way of dealing with the industry and a little about the Danse Macabre deluxe edition.


Q&A with Bicep

In which we chart the London-by-way-of-Belfast duo’s maturation and rise to prominence in the house music scene today.

International Feel

Q&A with Mark Barrott of International Feel

Our exhaustive, in-depth, and deeply compelling conversation with the man behind one of the best dance music imprints of the aughts.

Divine Fits

Q&A with Divine Fits’ Dan Boeckner

The ever-restless musician talks about playing small venues again with Divine Fits, moving to Los Angeles, and what ever happened to Wolf Parade.

Idjut Boys

Q&A with Idjut Boys

We chat with the legendary North London produer/DJs about their 20-year-long tenure, the long-awaited LP, Cellar Door, DJ the globe around countless times, and the difficulties of working within the music industry today.

Q&A With Trevor Jackson

From graphic design to record producing, Trevor Jackson is a modern-day Renaissance Man.

W Hotels & Intel’s “Four Stories”

W Hotels and Roman Coppola are joining Intel on a search for new screenwriting talent.

VITAL STATS: Fantasmes

The psychedelic indie-rock duo on tour necessities, their nerdiest equipment fetish and choice vices.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 4

The fourth and final installment of our extensive and in-depth four-part Q&A with the British house and techno production duo.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 3

The third installment of our extensive and in-depth four-part Q&A with the British house and techno production duo.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 2

The second installment of our extensive and in-depth four-part Q&A with the British house and techno production duo.

Vital Stats: Parallels

The Toronto-based glam-pop outfit takes us back to the 80’s with a lot of gumption.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 1

After a long wait, we’re proud to start syndicating our extensive and in-depth video Q&A with the British house duo.

Q&A with Susanne Bier

Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier has amassed quite the following in her native homeland over the past couple decades. More than 850,000 people in Denmark flocked to theaters for her 1999 breakout hit, The One and Only, which is truly remarkable in a country with some 5 million inhabitants. Despite her enduring obscurity elsewhere in the […]

Q&A with the Concretes

We at Anthem have always been tremendous fans of Swedish pop, which, as most of you are well aware of, means being necessarily obsessed with the Concretes, a band that's been around for about 15 years now. Despite their lengthy tenure as a group, the sextet (previously a septet until vocalist Victoria Bergman left to […]

Q&A with Organge Juice

One of the most significant and influential post-punk bands to come out of Scotland, Orange Juice, recently shacked up with Domino Recording Co. to put together a truly massive retrospective box set, which perfectly documents the band's entire history. The six-disc, 124-track Coals To Newcastle, which can be purchased for $60 from Domino USA's Web […]

One's & Two's: The Magician

It's only been a bit over a month since Stephen Fasano announced his amicable departure from the much-loved (and lauded!) Belgian new disco act, Aeroplane, but the man has already bounced back from the abrupt and unexpected split with his latest solo project, the Magician. Below is the talented producer and DJ's latest mix along […]

Catch Up: Marcus Soderlund

You’ve mentioned in past interviews that a film education was important to you. As an artist, do you feel like you need to understand the rules first in order to break them? Getting an education for me has more to do about my past. No one in my family ever finished any kind of school […]

Q&A with ceo

We could play the “we were first” card here, but we're not going to (though we already did in effect). We found the Tough Alliance―which is most definitely one of the most defining groups of this generation and decade―a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. The audiophile/music snob's boy band has unleashed […]

These Here Are Crazy Times: Tame Impala In Pictures

It might be a little presumptuous to say that we were writing about Tame Impala before they were playing sold out shows in the US and opening for MGMT. However, we feel we can take a little credit for coyly working their name into every conversation about music. It really does take a lot to […]

Q&A with David "Shadi" Perez

When it comes to New York photographers, there are few around that have achieved both the wide acclaim and cultural breadth of David Perez, a.k.a. Shadi. In the 1980s, the Bronx-born Puerto Rican New Yorker attended the Fashion Institute Of Technology, but quickly discovered that photography would forever be his calling in life and switched […]

One's & Two's: A Club Called Rhonda

When it comes to the world of nightlife, parties come a dime a dozen wherever you are. Whether they be at dive bars or massive rave-ready arenas, everyone and their mother, it seems, is behind an event. Cities like NYC, London, and Tokyo tend to have a good number of ragers that truly live up […]

Video: Holy Ghost! On Tour with LCD Soundsystem

Last month marked the beginning of the much-anticipated LCD Soundsystem and Holy Ghost! tour, which is in support of the two DFA Records bands' most recent releases (This Is Happening and Static On the Wire EP respectively) and goes through October. Our NYC staff had the pleasure of seeing LCD perform one of their mini […]

Anthem Lagoon Recap, Day 2

Word spreads fast when you're hosting the hottest party in the desert sun. After Anthem Lagoon's jam-packed opening day―with major kudos from the L.A. Times and Yahoo! Music―our Sunday event raised the bar even further. An eclectic crew of celebs like Jeremy Scott, Lindsay Lohan, Eli Roth, Peaches Geldof, and Dave from Chromeo swung through […]

Anthem Lagoon Recap, Day 1

Our annual Coachella party has acquired quite a reputation for itself since we commenced five years ago, and as your expectations have risen, our desire to keep amping it up one notch higher has gone right through the roof, straight into the stratosphere. We celebrated our return to Rancho Mirage by hosting our Lagoon party […]

Coachella 2010: Welcome To Anthem's La Goon!

Alright, troops―you know the drill. It's that time of year again when your best buds at Anthem rally together for our annual Coachella desert decimation. We've been knocking your socks off, blasting you with music provided to you by some of the finest internal DJs around, providing amazing food and tasty beverages and hooking you […]

One's & Two's: Jacques Renault

We've teamed up with Good Peoples and the formidable, renowned, and exceptionally talented producer/DJ, Jacques Renault, for a monthly fiesta that's commencing next Thursday, March 18, at the subMercer. Jacques splits his time between travelling the globe as a highly in-demand DJ, crafting his own tunes, edits, and remixes, and serving as one half of […]

One's & Two's: Prince Language

As you all well know by now, we're co-presenting the dictionary definition of a rager this Saturday, February 27 at the Tribeca Grand hotel with The No Comprendo and Terrible Records: The No Comprendo Discotel. To properly psych all you dear readers (and soon to be dear party-goers) for this fabulous fiesta, we've procured an […]

Nick Flynn : The Ticking Is The Bomb

Nick Flynn's wildly popular debut memoir, Another Bullshit Night In Suck City, was an uncompromising look at family trauma, homelessness, and alcoholism. Like Dave Eggers's Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius or Stephen Elliott's The Adderall Diaries, Flynn's book proved that memoir could still be pushed in fresh directions (and that great literature can still be […]

THACT: The Soft Pack: 10 Shows, 1 Day

What do you get when you pile your closest friends in a bio diesel bus and attempt to play 10 shows in one day? What oddly sounded like the lead in to a good joke turned into one of the most ambitious projects executed by a band that we can remember. Last weekend, L.A.-based the […]

Catch-Up: Ryan Wallace

Artist Ryan Wallace is back in school―the Brooklyn painter’s studio used to be a Catholic school and he shares a school room with fellow artist Keegan McHargue. The cavernous sunny room is starkly white and streaming with light, and it quickly warms up as Wallace ambles around the room, gently sifting through his gigantic canvases […]

Q&A with Austin Sherbanenko, Odyn Vovk Founder

Austin Sherbanenko, the Los Angeles-based designer behind Odyn Vovk, has a way with dark and mysterious fashion. His obliquely handsome garments, which sure-footedly teeter between the bespoke and the readymade, are imbued with the perfect combination of underground flavor and a stamp of minimalism. What’s more, the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection showcases the budding designer’s irreverent […]

Q&A with Elliot Aronow, RCRD LBL Founder

In 2007, along with Peter Rojas (Gizmodo, Engadget), Elliot Aronow founded one of the most important music Web sites the Internet era has seen: RCRD LBL. The robust music hub, which boasts both a strong presence in the U.S. and abroad, aimed to take the best characteristics of the music blogs that had been popping […]

Lindstrom & Christabelle Q&A

Our favorite Norwegian producer, Lindstrøm, is what most would call a dedicated career artist. The man doesn't just stumble upon genius like, say, five kids known as the Strokes did a decade ago. No, Hans-Peter works and works and works and works some more until genius is all that's left from his labors. The man […]

Studio Visit: Runaway

With what seems to be an infinity of indie rock bands popping out of Brooklyn these days, there's something refreshing and encouraging about Runaway, a house music revival―and reinvention―act from NYC's biggest borough. Comprised of Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral―both NYC heavyweight producers and DJ's who have seen releases on numerous labels over the past […]

Q&A with David Malek

David Malek makes his shiny, perfectly composed paintings of color and pattern with industrial enamel paint he buys from the hardware store and plywood he cuts into geometric shapes. The work is at once cosmic and corporeal (I can feel it in my heart but it’s still a mystery) and provides a dynamic analog for […]

Studio Visit: DJ /rupture

With a very well-received new mix, Solar Life Raft (Agriculture), a bizarre shout-out on the CW's 90210, and an already formidable trope of releases under his belt, things are going just swimmingly for Jace Clayton, a.k.a. DJ /rupture. Seduced by /rupture's awesome reputation and the news of more work from Dutty Artz, the label Clayton […]

Q&A with Anti Sweden

With a dictionary definition influx of Swedish threads pouring into the States―everything from colorful socks to trendy three-piece suits―we can't help but wonder just what the heck's going on in other parts of Scandinavia. After all, everyone needs clothes―especially when you live that far north!―and there's no way that the Danes and Norwegians are milling […]

Q&A with Annie

It's been a long four-plus years since we've heard a new album's worth of material from our favorite Norwegian pop singer, but our allegiance hasn't wavered. Plus, during the wait between LP1 (Anniemal) and LP2 (Don't Stop―out on Smalltown Supersound), Annie sprinkled us with presents, like 2005's DJ-Kicks mix, a Teddybear's song she provided vocals […]

Q&A with Pink Skull, Plus Exclusive Track

Pink Skull's press release for their second album, Endless Bummer (RVNG International―pre-order it now!), reads like the synopsis of a Philip K. Dick novel, something very appealing to us Anthem staffers. “The dystopian frontier is near, but never fear. In the new era of endlessness where we hide ourselves as humans among androids, there is […]

Ryan Adams: Painter

When Ryan Adams does anything, he does a lot of it. These days, on hiatus from music, he fancies himself a painter, and last night his debut collection was on display at Morrison Hotel Gallery in downtown Manhattan. The work was a hodgepodge series, largely of acrylics on canvas, utilizing hasty but deliberate brush strokes […]

Q&A with Augusta Wood

Los Angeles-based photographer Augusta Wood has a series of new work currently showing at her brother's (painter Jonas Wood) studio space in Culver City. The show is closing this weekend, and if you live in the Los Angeles area, is well worth a hustle over there to view it before it moves on. Wood's approach […]