You’ve mentioned in past interviews that a film education was important to you. As an artist, do you feel like you need to understand the rules first in order to break them?

Getting an education for me has more to do about my past. No one in my family ever finished any kind of school so for me it was like doing something impossible.

Do you approach every project as a collaboration or do you push for more creative control?

Being a filmmaker is a really lonely job. I love the collaboration part. The best is when you work together as a team.

It appears the idea of the music video has lost steam over the last couple decades, mainly due to the lack of support from major networks. Do you feel the web presents an opportunity for a new crop of directors to get noticed and parlay that experience into larger projects?

Yes absolutely! I love the Internet.

The barrier to entry to create something truly original and get noticed seems to be narrowing. Do you feel you have to work harder as a director because of the access the public has to current creative tools?

It’s like looking at Vimeo where you can find 10,865 videos tagged with “Canon 5D Mark II.” But what do people film with the camera? Yeah it looks “professional” and tight but most people just film their kids eating ice-cream and dogs barking. The comments are so weird like “This camera takes great pictures. Nice shots! What lens did you use?” I hate this but sometimes I do love it as well. To be honest, I have spent too much time looking at videos like that.

Can you give us a description of the impetus for these three projects?

1.) ceos “Come With Me.” It's like stepping inside the mind of a ceo.

2.) Air France's “No Excuses.” I like that simple contrast of the song being so warm and the pictures are cold as snow. The Swedish winter and surfing is a pretty stupid idea. My hero, the surfer, has never surfed anywhere else. His world is the ice-cold gray-blue Swedish sea.

3.) Taken By Trees' “My Boys.” Inspired by a scene from Elvira Madigan by Bo Widerberg.

What is your dream project?

I would love to work with Drake or The Dream.

What genre of film is closest to your heart?

I love moving images, that's it. It feels weird and to talk about genre in that sense. I love authentic moments but at the same time I can adore something highly constructed too.

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