Anthem's La Fiesta de Fiestas in Video

Anthem's La Fiesta de Fiestas in DJ's

Anthem's La Fiesta de Fiestas in Word (and Pictures)

Anthem's La Fiesta de Fiestas in Pictures

This feature will be edited and amended as we process, import, export, filter, and interpret the events of Coachella 2008… so keep a keen eye on the page (or just subscribe to the feed!)

It's Monday and we're slowly recovering from the severe hangover we were bound to suffer after our timeless La Fiesta de Fiestas Coachella 2008 bash. As we sink bank into normality, let's look back over the two-day rager we hosted with greatly appreciated sponsorship from our good friends at Levi's, LeSportsac, Etnies, Wet 'n Wild, Newcastle, Twentieth Century Fox, and Scion. And we certainly can't forget to give major props to the stellar DJs who agreed to keep the tunes and heavy beats booming through our serious sound system. We bow to you, Claude VonStroke, Ed Banger, M.A.N.D.Y., Boys Noize (A.K.A. Noizy Boy), Tommie Sunshine, Justin Miller, Spencer Product and last but not least special guests Para One and Surkin.

Our weekend stint at the Cree Estate in Cathedral City commenced at full force and we didn't let off the throttle until 6 PM on Sunday. At any given moment, there were about 400 people on the property, and every time we tried to kick one drunkard out, a new crew of bikini-clad babes and toned dudes popped in for a proper Anthem-style juicing.

Be sure to check out the photos that Last Night's Party, the Cobrasnake, and Phat Cat so graciously took (the C.S. sets can be found here, here, and here). Bringing back memories…

Anthem's La Fiesta de Fiestas in Pictures

High Points:

― Tim from Les Savy Fav judging an impromptu cannonball contest (Tim won with his grand finale of a dunk, by the way).

― Finding out that we went through two days worth of vodka, whiskey, and tequila in six hours. Special thank you to Troy Michels and also Trader Joe's―without your 39 handles of Vodka of the Gods spirits, we would've been lost…

― Taco Bar! Taco Bar! Taco! Bar!

― Pairing the always-a-pleasure Calvin Harris with our donkey for a priceless photo shoot. Did we mention that we really did get that donkey we promised?

― Hosting a round-table conversation with Midnight Juggernauts, Greg from Acid Girls, and Filip from Guns 'n Bombs… jerk off to that, bloggers! Oh, and the M.A.N.D.Y./Heidi/Justin Miller group interview wasn't bad either (re: epic).

― Catching our favorite marketing boy, Cheyne, getting his nails done at the Wet 'n Wild manicure station.

― Frankly, we're drawing a blank. Keep coming back to this page for more updates as the liquor wears off and runs its course. In the mean time, dig the Day 1 preview video and get your appetites whetted for a Day 2 clip, loads and loads of interviews, and additional footage that'll leave you wanting more and asking yourself, “how the hell are they going to take it up yet another notch in 2009!?”

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