In late September this year, we drove up to Big Sur to attend the Folk Yeah Fest, a charity fundraiser event held to get some much-needed cash to an overworked fire brigade. The firefighters had to fend off a tremendous number of blazes this Summer that not only decimated large swatches of the tree-covered landscape, but also made mandatory evacuations a necessity come the rainy season.

Anyway, the two-day festival was a little hippie-dippy for our tastes, maybe, but some of the bands we really enjoyed, and the wacky rager that Donuts threw at the nearby roadside motel proved the crowd wasn't only stoners.

We hung out with San Francisco's krauty quarter, Tussle, the most, and eventually decided to work on a film piece with the guys as we missed them in L.A. The resultant video (check out a higher quality version here) revolver around an exquisite corpse of sorts. We filmed three of the members (Jonathan Holland, Tomo Yasuda, and Warren Huegel) banging on trees, throwing rocks, and rubbing twigs and leaves together, separately in the woods. Holland took all the bits and pieces and made a few brand new songs from them! One of them is featured in the video.

But enough yapping! Let the thing speak for itself.

Tussle homepage

Tussle MySpace page

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