When it comes to graphic tees, there's one company that we'll reliably go to first: Japan's number one graphic T-shirt producer, Graniph.

For years we've had a huge crush on the continually-growing brand that has both been speedily expanding its operations (more stores in more continents; a Web shop) and its wares (now they make sweaters, hats, bags). We think our strong feelings towards the creative corporation come across quite strongly in this interview we did with some of the chief executives a while back.

Anyway, as the headline above says, the kindhearted folks at Graniph are giving us 30 T-shirts to doll out to our readers (it seems they like us, too!) We've got 10 copies of the following three designs:

Non-Format's “A Take Over”

James Joyce's “This This This And This”

Adam Hayes' “You Make the Sun Come Out”

Here's the deal: send an email to nik@anthemmagazine.com with the design you want, what size you're looking for, and why you're into your selected artist.

The contest closes on Wednesday, May 27, so get those emails comin'! Good luck, folks.

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