Hopefully, you kept up with our day-by-day Toronto media trip entries, but if you didn't, then you're precisely who we made this little feature for.

Basically, we were invited to join a small team of North American press people for a trip up to the world's largest photography festival: CONTACT. The month-long event (which has recently been extended to run through part of June) has been around for a solid 13 years, but only recently has it begun exponentially gaining traction and repute. To give you a numeric idea of how massive the city-eclipsing celluloid celebration is, a few numbers for you: CONTACT is host to over 1,000 professional and amateur artists who are exhibited in over 300 affiliated gallery spaces, cafes, boutiques, and the like.

Outside of attempting to ingest what seems like an infinity of pixels over the course of four days and four nights, we also delved as deep as we could into the capital's world of nightclubs, fashion boutiques, restaurants, bars, bistros, bookstores, and all that other highfalutin cultural stuff we wax poetic on come each quarter of the year. We'll skip name-dropping for now, though―everything's in the posts below, so how about you click on over to all of them and check out our personal snapshot of CONTACT and a few days in Toronto.

In CONTACT: Toronto Update, Part 1

In CONTACT: Toronto Update, Part 2

In CONTACT: Toronto Update, Part 3

Note: The images in the media player to the right are the works of two of our personal favorite CONTACT artists: Jeff Bark and Alison Rossiter.

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