Through an ambitious and bizarre chain of events, we wound up flying a custom-made kite with Tokyo's Cornelius in front L.A.'s Disney Hall.

The experimental rocker passed through our fair city on January 17 for his stunning Man-Machine In the Digital City concert. So yeah, it's been a while, but our pre-show kite-flying session in front of the venue (ahem, the Disney Hall!) is too compelling to not put online, even if it's been over five months since we recorded the event.

We won't tell you how the kite fairs—you'll have to watch the video for that—but we will say that we shot it in high-def, too, so be sure to view the ultra-sharp and clean version on Vimeo!

A very special thank-you to Brian Howe and Freya Bardell of Greenmeme for designing and fabricating the kite we flew, W. David Marx for translating the Q&A and to Jean Snow for promoting the film on his website.

Cornelius homepage

Cornelius MySpace page

Cornelius on Everloving Records

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