We've teamed up with Good Peoples and the formidable, renowned, and exceptionally talented producer/DJ, Jacques Renault, for a monthly fiesta that's commencing next Thursday, March 18, at the subMercer. Jacques splits his time between travelling the globe as a highly in-demand DJ, crafting his own tunes, edits, and remixes, and serving as one half of the Brooklyn house duo, Runaway. For those of you who haven't been to the club, be warned: it's too cool for school. In a past life, the venue was part of the Mercer hotel's basement and wine cellar, so look out for the low ceilings, maze-like hallways, and unique layout. Renault will be joined by the legendary Brennan Green of Chinatown Records, so know that we really will be going strong until 4 AM.

Jacques kindly provided us with a disco-heavy, house-accented mix that will not only get you properly energized for this killer party, but also hooked on his awe-inspiring, addictive skills. Keep this baby on repeat until we see you at the rager next week!

Jacques Renault – One's & Two's Mix

Click here for all the party details.

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