It's only been a bit over a month since Stephen Fasano announced his amicable departure from the much-loved (and lauded!) Belgian new disco act, Aeroplane, but the man has already bounced back from the abrupt and unexpected split with his latest solo project, the Magician.

Below is the talented producer and DJ's latest mix along with an exclusive Q&A we conducted last week, the first to be published in the States. Give it a listen, read on for a peek into what the mysterious musician is all about, and get pumped up for the debut EP, which tentatively drops later this year.

Magic Tape Two by TheMagician

Explain the origins of this new project of yours, The Magician. Where did the name come from? What are you aiming to achieve musically?

The Magician comes from an imaginary world. It means I have magic powers, so I could make you disappear, haha!

Musically, that will be very influenced by the 80s…

How do you make your music? Do you have a studio? Is there a live recording element or is it all done on computers? Any gear you're especially fond of?

I've been making music in my magic home studio, but I do the final mix in an other magic studio.

If you don't mind, I'd like to know a little about your departure from Aeroplane. What led to your decision to leave? Splitting from the project right before the debut LP came out was a bold move!

It sounds stupid to leave a project when it becomes big and especially before the release of an anticipating album! But when you don't feel good anymore in a project for many reasons, it's better to split. You know… it's like a real couple―we were married and we have divorced. He keeps the baby and I'm fine with that.

What are these Magic Tapes of your all about? What inspired you to start making them? Tell me a little about this new one you made…

It is a mix of new, unreleased, and old classics tracks that I love. It's also what I have in my bag for DJ'ing at that moment.

What're your plans for the rest of this year? Are you working on original material? More remixes? Touring?

I'm currently working on a remix for the next single of the French Band the Aikiu. This going to be released in October. Regarding my original material, I'm preparing an EP for the end of the year.

In terms of touring, I've U.K., France, Spain, Russia, Lebanon, Chile, and more planned so far!

What kind of stuff do you do in Brussels? Are you maintaining a residency right now? Collaborating with anyone?

At the moment, I don't have much to do in Brussels because I'm busy in the studio. The only thing I can do easily is looking over the window. I have a nice city view, and that inspires me a lot!

When I need to relax myself, I tend to go get some mussels to eat. They're in season here.

I'm not collaborating with anybody for the moment, but I do work with somebody else for my final mixes.

One of the things that's very memorable and recognizable about you is your sense of style. You're an awesome dresser! It sets you apart from many other producers and DJ's. What draws you to fashion? Are there any particular labels you dig?

Thank you, Nik. Since I'm young, I love clothes and the way to wear them.

As labels I 'm a big fan of Martin Margiela, but I love also young designers like Patrick Ervell and Our Legacy.

Belgium is well know for two great fashion schools (La Cambre and Antwerp Academy) so I also look after those young talents as well!

What I'm going to wear for The Magician has been made sur mesure. My girlfriend and I designed everything, which will be produced by a Belgian label.

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