Anthem was a proud sponsor of Samantha Pleet’s Fall/Winter '08 collection entitled “Rapscallion”—a great kick off to this season’s NY Fashion Week! Anthem partnered with Archetype Showroom to bring the Charles Dickens-esque-story-meets-A Pickpocket's Tale-inspired new line to a fun and energetic crowd one would expect only at such a New York Fashion Week bash.

On display at the Openhouse Gallery in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood were “mugshots” of a select group of young and creative New Yorkers—artists, musicians, stylists, editors, and innovators. Pleet collaborated with the film and photography collective Avant16 to bring a unique show that bridged the gaps between fashion show, gallery show, and performance art. The “mugshots” were taken for Pleet’s F/W '08 lookbook and were enlarged and hung behind the crowded bar while footage of the photo shoot was projected on the wall where the runway show would have taken place. Pleet’s exhibition also introduced her new Menswear collection designed by her husband Patrick Pleet.

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