The touring disco party: why someone didn't think it up before is a bit of a mystery, but only the great James Murphy and Pat Mahoney of D.F.A. Records/LCD Soundsystem fame could've pulled it off.

Special Disco Version, the name of both the duo's weekly N.Y.C. club night and their current traveling event, came through Los Angeles on August 9, and of course, we had to jump on the opportunity to get it all on film! The Donuts/Black Disco hosted rager in east downtown L.A. was exactly what we had hoped for… and much, much more. Tim Sweeney spun as well as Black Disco's Nitedog and Lovefingers, but the night was officially stolen when the experienced Murphy and Mahoney stepped up to the plate.

Check out the interview we had with the disco-obsessed dudes (in front of an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile no less!) and a slew of snippets from the party that shook Los Angeles from 10 PM to 5 AM. Also, be sure to check out the high-quality version of the film over at our Vimeo page.

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