Eric Duncan

Catch-Up: Eric Duncan

In which we chat with the iconic NYC DJ and producer about his new Still Going Records imprint, the long-awaited Rub ‘N’ Tug LP, and what else 2012 holds.

Catch-Up: Dominick Volini

The purveyors of good taste behind New York-based menswear label, Baron Wells, have the winning answers for your discerning closet.

Catch-Up: Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey doesn’t need a lot of introduction. The former porn star who started out in the adult film industry at 18 years old has since crossed over into the mainstream, no doubt spurred on by the sensationalized media coverage she received from L.A. Times magazine, The Insider and Rolling Stone. Grey also scored the […]

Catch-Up: Timothy Saccenti

Timothy Saccenti’s all-encompassing body of work—music videos, still photography, commercials, short films and fine art projects—is often brushed with heavy strokes of a certain surreal eeriness that lurks beneath a disarmingly beautiful and polished exterior. Consider the creative polymath’s videos for Battles’ “Atlas” and Blonde Redhead’s “Not Getting There,” for instance, where the bands are […]

Catch-Up: Midnight Juggernauts

“Never been a detainee of fate/ I ask why restrain your mind in chains?” So begin the lyrics to “This New Technology,” a drama-fueled, cataclysmic anthem off the Midnight Juggernauts’ The Crystal Axis LP, which hits shelves on December 14. (By Jove, that’s tomorrow!) With their sophomore effort, Vincent Vendetta (keyboardist/vocalist), Andy Szekeres (bassist/vocalist), and […]