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Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 2

The second installment of our extensive and in-depth four-part Q&A with the British house and techno production duo.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 1

After a long wait, we’re proud to start syndicating our extensive and in-depth video Q&A with the British house duo.

Death of a Superhero

Q&A with Ian Fitzgibbon

We caught up with Ian Fitzgibbon to discuss his newest film, Death of a Superhero, a party live action, part animated tale of teenage life in Ireland.

Video: Veronica Vasicka, Steve Summers & Jacques Renault

A peek into the mayhem that ensued at the 285 Kent Ave. party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which featured some of our favorite local dance music artists.

Q&A with Rinko Kikuchi

The Academy Award-nominated actress discusses Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, its long-awaited film adaptation and why she will never take ‘no’ for an answer.

Q&A with Edward Burns

The actor/director discusses his latest film, Newlyweds, the future of the Tribeca Film Festival, and his infallible allegiance to New York City.

Q&A with Anson Mount

The Hell on Wheels star turns cinema’s overabundant drug-addled caricatures on its head with his powerhouse performance in Cook County.

Jean Dujardin

Q&A with Jean Dujardin

The French actor on the allure of silent films, his unconventional “American” career path in his native homeland and the value of being “contre-courant”.

Kids of America

Hilfiger Denim’s Kids Of America

Our Senior Editor talks about the bizarre yet thrilling experience it was to be a part of Tommy Hilfiger Denim’s latest global campaign.

New York Film Festival Exclusive: Elena Anaya

The formidable Spanish actress takes on her greatest challenge to date in Pedro Almodóvar’s hotly anticipated film The Skin I Live In.

New York Film Festival Exclusive: Hani Furstenberg

A sit-down with the bright-eyed Israeli-American actress who wowed us with her powerhouse performance in Julia Loktev’s The Loneliest Planet.

Q&A with Michael Shannon

The character actor discusses theater, the importance of family and his latest role in Jeff Nichols’ award-winning psychodrama, Take Shelter.

Q&A with Tom Cullen

The promising British actor sheds his hard exterior to fill the shoes of a charismatic gay romantic in Andrew Haigh’s award-winning film Weekend.

Q&A with Ludivine Sagnier

Anthem sat down with the French starlet to discuss her latest film, Love Crime.

Q&A with Evan Glodell

Its been said that love is a many-splintering thing. For writer/director/actor Evan Glodell, it’s the profundity of the volatile relationship he shared with his now ex-girlfriend that inspired his feature-length directorial debut, Bellflower. He sacrificed almost everything to make it, too. Glodell sold off his belongings to fund the film, and moved into an abandoned […]

Miranda July & Hamish Linklater

A Conversation with Miranda July and Hamish Linklater

Miranda July is a 37-year-old multi-hyphenate with an incredibly dense oeuvre to her name—short stories, performance art and feature films, among other things. The MoMA, the Guggenheim and the Whitney have all showcased her work, her words have been published in The New Yorker and her directorial debut film, Me and You and Everyone We […]

Andrew Levitas

Andrew Levitas’ Heavy Metal

The multi-hyphenate reflects on his Metal Work sculptures, the laissez-faire life of an artist and finding community.

Q&A with Marc Singer

The British filmmaker revisits the homeless community in NYC’s Amtrak tunnels with the 10th year special edition release of Dark Days.

Mélanie Laurent & Mike Mills

A Conversation with Mike Mills and Mélanie Laurent

First the facts: Mike Mills is a 45-year-old creative polymath who began his career as a graphic designer with commissions from some of music’s coolest titans like the Beastie Boys, Air, Cibo Matto and Sonic Youth. Naturally, music videos and commercials soon followed. On the feature film front, Mills made his directorial debut in 2005 […]

Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Cannes 2011: A Pictorial Roundup

Usually, as the 11 days of the Cannes Film Festival carries on, a lethal mix of fatigue, bad temper, disappointments, envy, and excruciating hangovers befall all but the most indefatigable of optimists. Thankfully, it’s smoother sailing for those of us without press deadlines, even at the sight of a bursting inbox waving a white flag […]

Zach Braff

Tribeca 12

A pictorial survey of our favorite talent from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.


Q&A with Gaspard Ulliel

A conversation with the French actor about his latest film, The Princess of Montpensier, and working with Martin Scorsese and Gus Van Sant.

Q&A with Susanne Bier

Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier has amassed quite the following in her native homeland over the past couple decades. More than 850,000 people in Denmark flocked to theaters for her 1999 breakout hit, The One and Only, which is truly remarkable in a country with some 5 million inhabitants. Despite her enduring obscurity elsewhere in the […]

Catch-Up: Timothy Saccenti

Timothy Saccenti’s all-encompassing body of work—music videos, still photography, commercials, short films and fine art projects—is often brushed with heavy strokes of a certain surreal eeriness that lurks beneath a disarmingly beautiful and polished exterior. Consider the creative polymath’s videos for Battles’ “Atlas” and Blonde Redhead’s “Not Getting There,” for instance, where the bands are […]

Q&A with Apichatpong Weerasethakul

In the pastoral landscapes of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, all forms of life are inextricably intertwined. The film concerns itself with complacent animals and mythical creatures as much as it does the affairs of human beings. The coexistence of such variant protagonists as an aging princess, a monkey/man hybrid, […]

Sundance Exclusive: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean’s "On the Ice"

The native Iñupiat filmmaker returned to Sundance with his first full-length feature, a taut coming-of-age drama shot in his own backyard.

Warren Fu

Q&A with Warren Fu

One of our current favorite music video directors takes us behind-the-scenes of Daft Punk’s “Derezzed.”


Incoming: Taylor Cohen Directs Best Coast

After stripping Matt & Kim down to their birthday suits in the middle of Times Square, Taylor Cohen gets Best Coast to perform at a quinceañera in “Boyfriend.”

Gaspard Noé

Q&A with Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé is something of a filmmaker’s filmmaker. For one thing, the 46-year-old provocateur never sells himself short. He’s not pinned down by box office woes and doesn’t try to woo his way into conservative film circles. Remember the brutal 9-minute rape scene in his 2002 film? Sienna Miller put it thusly: “I couldn’t watch […]

Ryan O'nan

Q&A with Ryan O’Nan

Most actors aren’t afforded a breakout year, let alone so early on in their career. Many who have them don’t survive them. And while the jury is still out on whether newcomer Ryan O’Nan is the real deal or not—all signs seem to point to yes. For a lot of under-the-radar actors of O’Nan’s caliber […]

Jacques Renault at the Standard

Video: Jacques Renault In L.A.

We hung out with the Brooklyn-based DJ/producer during his mini tour in L.A. to produce this truly epic profile video on the man.

Guillermo Arriaga

Guillermo Arriaga’s "The Burning Plain"

Guillermo Arriaga, the Academy Award nominated screenwriter of Babel, takes the directorial seat with The Burning Plain.

Marc Webb

Marc Webb’s "(500) Days Of Summer"

Music video maestro Marc Webb makes a big splash this summer with his feature film debut.

Josh Melnick

Q&A with Josh Melnick

Artist Josh Melnick transforms the NYC subway into a stunning ethereal landscape like you’ve never seen before with The 8 Train.

Timothy Saccenti

Q&A with Timothy Saccenti

Timothy Saccenti cozies up with not one, but two of Brooklyn’s indie darlings—School of Seven Bells and Chairlift.

Tomas Alfredson

Tomas Alfredson’s "Let the Right One In"

Anthem sits down with Swedish filmmaker Tomas Alfredson to discuss Let the Right One In.

Keith Schofield

Q&A with Keith Schofield

We chat with director Keith Schofield, a quintessential voice of the “YouTube generation.”

Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire”

Danny Boyle takes us on a journey to “the most chaotic place on Earth.”