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Discovery Series: Gard Løkke

The Norwegian newcomer on his first Hollywood experience, “the law of Jante,” and his leading role in Viljar Bøe’s Good Boy.

Practical Magic: Charlotte Regan

The British filmmaker on her history, her most coveted skill, and her Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning feature debut Scrapper.

A Conversation with Randall Park

The Korean American actor on representation, finding his way into the craft, and his directorial debut—Shortcomings.

Q&A With Jessy Lanza

As we sat down outside on the Echoplex patio in Echo Park, Jessy Lanza happily stated “Ah, I love LA.”

Luke Million

Q&A with Luke Million

A proper sit-down with the Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer who also serves as the synth half of the Swiss.

Q&A with Touch Sensitive

A proper chat with the DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and Van She co-founder in his current home of L.A.


Q&A with Palmbomen

An interview with the exciting new Dutch producer whose name, in his native language, tellingly means “palm trees.”

Eddie C

Q&A with Eddie C

A deep look into the self-taught musician, producer, and DJ whose sonic explorations have jumped from hip-hop to house, and techno as his home has moved from Toronto to Alberta to Berlin, where he currently dwells.

Larry Gus

Q&A with Larry Gus

A journey with the DFA Records artist that touches on hardcore punk, pirate radio, discovering dance music, great French literature, the magic of the MPC, the influence of paintings, and the bliss of solitude.


Q&A with Bleached

Our in-depth chat with the two Clavin sisters on their current band, Bleached, growing up in L.A., falling hard for SoCal punk, and the future as they see it.


Q&A with Lovefingers

The man behind the house and disco imprint, ESP Institute, talks shop.

the Faint

Q&A with the Faint

Todd Fink on the band’s commitment to the DIY aesthetic, their way of dealing with the industry and a little about the Danse Macabre deluxe edition.


Q&A with Bicep

In which we chart the London-by-way-of-Belfast duo’s maturation and rise to prominence in the house music scene today.


Vital Stats: Tussle

In which we discuss working with Optimo’s JD Twitch, Subway footlongs, and titling songs in Japanese.

International Feel

Q&A with Mark Barrott of International Feel

Our exhaustive, in-depth, and deeply compelling conversation with the man behind one of the best dance music imprints of the aughts.

Divine Fits

Q&A with Divine Fits’ Dan Boeckner

The ever-restless musician talks about playing small venues again with Divine Fits, moving to Los Angeles, and what ever happened to Wolf Parade.

Idjut Boys

Q&A with Idjut Boys

We chat with the legendary North London produer/DJs about their 20-year-long tenure, the long-awaited LP, Cellar Door, DJ the globe around countless times, and the difficulties of working within the music industry today.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 4

The fourth and final installment of our extensive and in-depth four-part Q&A with the British house and techno production duo.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 3

The third installment of our extensive and in-depth four-part Q&A with the British house and techno production duo.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 2

The second installment of our extensive and in-depth four-part Q&A with the British house and techno production duo.

Simian Mobile Disco

Video: Simian Mobile Disco Q&A Part 1

After a long wait, we’re proud to start syndicating our extensive and in-depth video Q&A with the British house duo.

Death of a Superhero

Q&A with Ian Fitzgibbon

We caught up with Ian Fitzgibbon to discuss his newest film, Death of a Superhero, a party live action, part animated tale of teenage life in Ireland.

Laurel Halo

Q&A with Laurel Halo

With a drum loop playing quietly in the background, we sat down with Halo at her home/recording studio in Brooklyn to discuss the making of Quarantine, her working habits, and eating Doritos for lunch.


Video Premiere: DUST

We debut a new track and film for the acid house-meets-Italo act as well as interview the musicians behind the project.


Q&A with Japandroids

We hopped on the phone with Brian King―guitarist/vocalist for and one half of Japandroids―for a long chat about their career thus far, the new record, recording in Nashville, and their love of the Gun Club.

Eric Duncan

Catch-Up: Eric Duncan

In which we chat with the iconic NYC DJ and producer about his new Still Going Records imprint, the long-awaited Rub ‘N’ Tug LP, and what else 2012 holds.


Q&A with I:Cube

We sat down the the legendary DJ/producer to talk about the French house scene, his roots and history as an artist, and his new album.

Kasper Bjørke

Q&A with Kasper Bjørke

Our chat with the Danish DJ and producer about his story, from the days of being in the radio-friendly, successful pop group Filur to releasing his own material, A&R’ing, and managing.


Q&A with Ital

A chat with the left-field house music producer whose debut long-player Hive Mind just dropped on the legendary Planet Mu.

Q&A with Lucas Pittaway

The untrained Aussie actor on his unflinching portrayal of a real life serial killer in The Snowtown Murders.

A Conversation with Tristan Halilaj, Sindi Lacej and Joshua Marston

The director and stars of The Forgiveness of Blood on the value of nonprofessional actors and the intricacies of Albanian blood feuds.

A Conversation with Matthias Schoenaerts and Michael Roskam

The star and director of the Academy Award-nominated feature Bullhead on Belgium’s hormone mafia, putting on 60 pounds of muscle and the dangers of executing a fixed idea.

120 Days

Q&A with 120 Days

We sat down with the bands frontman, Ådne Meisfjord, to talk about their half-decade hiatus, the Norwegian scene, the group’s roots, and more.

Q&A with Linda Cardellini

Once the fresh-faced star of Freaks and Geeks, the soon-to-be mother/actress takes on her most grown-up role to date in Return.


Studio Visit: Lindstrøm

We swung by Lindstrøm’s Oslo studio to check in with the man and peep his setup in anticipation of his excellent new LP (the first of two for 2012), Six Cups of Rebel.


Vital Stats: WAVVES

WAVVES offer their choices for karaoke songs and reveal their favorite way of playing Monopoly.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Rodrigo Cortés

The acclaimed director on his latest film, Red Lights, the meteoric rise of Elizabeth Olsen and his philosophy as a filmmaker.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with “Mr. Oizo”

Anthem caught up with Quentin Dupieux to discuss The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the ups and downs of making commercials, and the origins of his wicked sense of humor.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Jake Johnson

New Girl’s breakout star on his latest film Safety Not Guaranteed, Lynn Shelton’s directorial methods and what to expect from the “Jake Johnson Suite” at the Sixth Avenue Inn in Seattle.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Paul Dano

The accomplished actor talks to Anthem about his latest film, For Ellen, tight jeans and working with a young, untrained actress.

Sundance ‘12: Q&A with Gina Rodriguez

The festival’s “it girl” on her hip-hop influences, Latino stereotypes in Hollywood and her breakthrough performance as Filly Brown.

Sundance ‘12: A Conversation with Zachary Booth and Thure Lindhardt

The stars of Keep the Lights On discuss sex, addiction and the funny things that happen when you shoot a movie in New York City.

Q&A with Rinko Kikuchi

The Academy Award-nominated actress discusses Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, its long-awaited film adaptation and why she will never take ‘no’ for an answer.

Q&A with Edward Burns

The actor/director discusses his latest film, Newlyweds, the future of the Tribeca Film Festival, and his infallible allegiance to New York City.

Q&A with Anson Mount

The Hell on Wheels star turns cinema’s overabundant drug-addled caricatures on its head with his powerhouse performance in Cook County.


Q&A with Korallreven

In which we discuss the distinctly non-Swedish feeling of being an indie musician in Sweden, performing live for the first time, and the band’s incredible debut LP, An Album by Korallreven.

Jean Dujardin

Q&A with Jean Dujardin

The French actor on the allure of silent films, his unconventional “American” career path in his native homeland and the value of being “contre-courant”.

Mary Meyer Studio Visit

Studio Visit: Mary Meyer

A look around the Brooklyn-based designer’s studio and recently-opened retail operation.

Studio Visit: BAGGU

We swung by the bagmaker’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn office for an intimate tour and Q&A.

New York Film Festival Exclusive: Elena Anaya

The formidable Spanish actress takes on her greatest challenge to date in Pedro Almodóvar’s hotly anticipated film The Skin I Live In.