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David Call in New York City. © Bradford Gregory.

21 Exposures: David Call

The American film and television actor cracks a window into his life with the exposures of a single disposable camera.


21 Exposures: Rilan

Are disposable cameras the antidote to Instagram poison? What a silly question! This is a small slice of Rilan’s life in pictures.

All artworks that appear in our snapshots courtesy of the artist and Mixed Greens.

21 Exposures: Yellow Bikini Exhibition

Mark Mulroney has a new solo exhibition at Mixed Greens in New York City. We love it and you will, too, and here’s why.


21 Exposures: Jackrabbit Premiere

Carleton Ranney threw a party at the Tribeca Film Festival and we have candids. Let’s fall down this rabbit hole together, shall we?

ORION premiere

21 Exposures: ORION Premiere

Look what someone thought up: a karaoke party to celebrate a movie about a little-known Elvis impersonator. Of course we went.

21 Exposures: Heaven Knows What

21 Exposures: Heaven Knows What

A pictorial recap of the Safdie Brothers’ premiere after party, a drug-fueled, obsidian-black nightmare like the film itself! Jokes.

21 Exposures: Jake Lore

21 Exposures: Jake Lore

A unique pictorial journey through New York City as seen through the eyes of our latest interview subject.


21 Exposures: JB Ghuman, Jr.

The rambunctious visual artist/filmmaker takes us on a guided tour around his neighborhood in L.A.’s famed Skid Row.

Botanical garden madness! The most voluptuous magnolias I've ever seen.

21 Exposures: Hani Furstenberg

The breakout star of Julia Loktev’s The Loneliest Planet offers Anthem a pictorial glimpse into her life in New York City.

This is a typical day in my 'hood.  Jackhammers, sun streaking the fire escapes and a wide diversity of things happening on the street. I like the young man in the foreground. He looks like he has a diabolical plan.

21 Exposures: Anson Mount

The gunslinging star of Hell on Wheels offers Anthem a glimpse into his life in New York City.

It's electrical, it's on my walk and I like the look of it! In fact, it should be a Boards of Canada cover.

21 Exposures: Mark Barrott of International Feel

21 Exposures head to Ibiza with Mark Barrott, head of the beloved and revered electronic music label, International Feel.


21 Exposures: Regina

The Finnish band gives us a peek into their vacation through their homeland.

No matter how hard you try to center a photo with a disposable camera, it just never works. But maybe that’s a good thing. And we hope that kid at the top didn’t fall.

21 Exposures: the Golden Filter

The electro-pop duo takes us on a pictorial journey through Australia.