Tribeca Film Festival Selects

The standout talent from Gotham’s film mecca, featuring Simon Pegg, Abel Ferrara, Karl Urban and Elijah Wood—in portraits.

Q&A with Mary Kay Place

The veteran actress on the mystery of filmmaking, the screenplay that she must write in her lifetime, and Kent Jones’ Diane.

Tribeca Film Festival Selects

The 17th edition of Gotham’s annual film mecca is now in the books. Step inside for our collection of exclusive portraits!

Q&A with Lindsay Burdge

The bold actress on slipping in and out of unhinged roles, acting past language barriers on set, and Nathan Silver’s Thirst Street.

Q&A with Pat Healy

The actor-turned-director on the films from his teenage past, choosing the right wig, and his dark abduction comedy Take Me.

A Conversation with Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead & David Lawson Jr.

The Lovecraftian filmmaking team on cults, the creepiest story they’ve ever heard, and their latest feature The Endless.

The Tribeca Film Festival Roundup

A collection of exclusive portraits featuring Dominic Rains, Britt Robertson, Lola Kirke, Robert Schwartzman, and Alma Har’el.

Juliette Lewis Shoots Straight

Hard Lovin’ Woman follows the Oscar nominated actress as she makes her long-awaited return to music with Juliette and the Licks.

21 Exposures: Jackrabbit Premiere

Carleton Ranney threw a party at the Tribeca Film Festival and we have candids. Let’s fall down this rabbit hole together, shall we?

21 Exposures: ORION Premiere

Look what someone thought up: a karaoke party to celebrate a movie about a little-known Elvis impersonator. Of course we went.

The 14th Tribeca Film Festival

Gotham’s “other” film marathon is kicking it into high gear this month! Continue to check back for our daily updated report card.

Q&A with Nate Parker, Jason Ritter, Maggie Grace and Max Greenberg

The cast of Jesse Zwick’s About Alex on friendships that last, pitfalls of social media, and the beauty of ensemble work.

Jack Kilmer Plays His Card

The up-and-comer on his actor parents, working with first-time director Gia Coppola, and finding his way in Hollywood.

Studio Visit: JB Ghuman, Jr.

Talking memories of a distant past and striving for optimism with the artist inside his Los Angeles pad, “STARLAiR”.

Q&A with Edward Burns

The actor/director discusses his latest film, Newlyweds, the future of the Tribeca Film Festival, and his infallible allegiance to New York City.

Zach Braff

Tribeca 12

A pictorial survey of our favorite talent from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.