American Spirit: Henry Grace

The British singer-songwriter on facing up to personal demons, music’s life-saving properties, and his debut album Alive In America.

David Arquette

The Indefatigable David Arquette

Scream’s legacy cast member on the franchise’s next chapter, choosing kindness and the plot twists of his very own existence.

Adrien Brody Comes Clean

The actor on collapsing his creative endeavors into a cohesive whole, returning to cinemas and his most personal project to date.

Total Recall: Jonathan Cherry

The Canadian actor takes a trip down memory lane and comes full circle—from film school to Lauren Hadaway’s The Novice.

Making Moves: Kevin Csolak

The West Side Story actor on his lifelong commitment to performance, Steven Spielberg and joining the cast of Animal Kingdom.

Q&A with Rodrigo Santoro

The Brazilian actor on healing the world with art, nurturing togetherness, and his daring portrayal of desperation in 7 Prisoners.

A Conversation with Jim Cummings & PJ McCabe

The duo behind The Beta Test on cancel culture, the greatness of Brendan Fraser, and championing DIY filmmaking.

A Conversation with Stuart Martin

The Scottish actor on entering Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead universe, building an action hero, and living out his childhood fantasy.

A Conversation with Daniel Gillies

The star of Coming Home in the Dark on challenging material, the casting process, and shaping one of the year’s best performances.

A Conversation with Beau Knapp

The star of Mosquito State on his great discipline, the pervasive insecurity among actors, and finding freedom in his craft.

A Conversation with Dash Shaw

The prolific comic book artist-turned-visionary filmmaker on cryptids, originality, and limitations versus intentionality.

A Conversation with Udo Kier

The screen legend on becoming a leading man (again), living a life of fortuitous moments, and the legacy he will leave behind.

A Conversation with Cosmo Jarvis

The English actor on unlocking his on-screen personas, the vocal aesthetics of geographical landscapes, and the allure of adaptations.

Vital Stats: Will Brittain

The Forever Purge scene-stealer on his favorite neighborhood haunt, his best recent purchase, and his current Netflix obsession.

Q&A with Marc Blucas

The actor on his first-ever movie memory, the handcuffing challenges of grassroots filmmaking, and “the big bad” of ecoterrorism.

Q&A with Jena Malone

The actress on the unsung hero of our lives, motherhood, and one of the most difficult experiences of her moviemaking career.

Q&A with Patrick Fugit

The actor on things better left on a screenplay’s margins, vampire lore, and his immersive experience playing a “flesh golem.”

Q&A with Shiloh Fernandez

The actor on Tetrising an all-star ensemble, the art of writing, and the genesis of his involvement on The Birthday Cake.

A Conversation with Luke Kirby

The actor on his initial reluctance, bold commitment, and final embrace of portraying one of America’s most notorious serial killers.

Q&A with Nico Tortorella

The non-binary actor on committing to the unknown, the next hill to climb in storytelling, and the thing they’re most afraid of.

A Conversation with Gus Halper

The actor on immersive filmmaking, playing the goodies versus the baddies, and one of the year’s great performances.

Q&A with Rush Midnight

The singer-songwriter on finding his way back to music, the details behind his new album, and forging ahead with gratitude.

Q&A with Anson Mount

The actor on assuming leadership roles on set, Star Trek, and charting a character that’s on the psychopath spectrum.

Video Premiere: Jesse Marchant

The crooner unveils his “Go Lightly” music video, with long-time friend and actor Christopher Abbott making his directorial debut.

Q&A with Jonathan Tucker

The actor on finding a clarity through fatherhood, his love of jjimjilbangs, and exploring the transcendental method on Debris.

Screen Test: Kai Luke Brümmer

The actor on his early beginnings, excavating South Africa’s complicated history, and his breakout role in Oliver Hermanus’ Moffie.

Q&A with Sam Claflin

The Englishman on his recent spate of villainous roles, his enduring love of rom-coms, and the surprising reason he got into acting.

Q&A with Alexander Nanau

The double Oscar nominee on observational filmmaking, Romania’s point of no return, and the year’s most important documentary.

Q&A with Mads Mikkelsen

The Danish actor on alcohol, his self-professed stubbornness, and the makings of one of the best films of the year—Another Round.

Q&A with Katherine Waterston

The actress on beautiful screenplays, her Venice Film Festival experience during COVID-19, and being a “hoarder of my memories.”

Studio Visit: Mark Mulroney

The artist on his creative process, political art vs. real-world activism, and some of the things that make up his surroundings.

Q&A with Mike Cahill

The visionary on exploring the intersection between science and spirituality, building utopias, and the spectacle in his filmmaking.

Q&A with Peter Vack

The actor on modesty in life vs. modesty on film, the pandemic’s potential permanence, and the enduring qualities of being meta.

In Conversation with Sienna Miller

The actress on life’s greatest unsolved mysteries, surpassing gender parity in filmmaking, and setting her sights on a directorial future.

Rachel Brosnahan Is Our Woman

The Golden Globe winner on subverting gender norms, producing, and what it means to be “courageously female” at the helm.

Paul Bettany’s Vision of Equality

The MCU mainstay on his father’s cloaked history, the on-going fight to live as we want, and what it means to “bleed” for the camera.

The Art of Running

The cast and crew of Run on its self-awareness, fashioning a fake news world on film, and the life cycle of any given project.

Henry Golding Is Hitting His Stride

The British-Malaysian actor on his immigrant experience, normalizing queerness in cinema, and the future of Crazy Rich Asians.

Catching Up with Nina Hoss

Germany’s national treasure on the craziness of actors, feeling alive on stage, and how the pandemic has shaped her feelings about art.

Sope Dirisu Is Primed to Explode

The Gangs of London star on no-holds-barred stunts, course correcting toxic masculinity, and the real horror in Netflix’s His House.

Morfydd Clark: A Girl on Fire

The newcomer on Rose Glass’ Saint Maud, New Zealand under lockdown, and gearing up for The Lord of the Rings prequel series.

A Conversation with David Thewlis

The actor on coming full circle with Sally Hawkins, getting on Charlie Kaufman’s wavelength, and feeling detached from Avatar 3.

Brainjacking Christopher Abbott

The Golden Globe-nominated actor on finding “sure bet” projects, sharing a role with Andrea Riseborough, and trusting his directors.

Ryan Kwanten’s Slingshot to 2067

The salt-of-the-earth Aussie on living gratefully in the present, finding goodness in people, and harnessing nature’s inherent wisdom.

Giveaway: Noam Chomsky

Enter to win a copy of Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal, from the world’s leading public intellectual’s hand to yours.

Q&A with Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

The actor on championing mindfulness, “disinfecting” hate with real talk, and our next steps for inclusivity in entertainment.

Carrie Coon’s Untold Spectacle

The wildly talented actress on returning to work amid COVID-19, saving the theatre, and her key advice to living authentically.

SIWFF In The Time of COVID-19

Dispatch from South Korea’s Seoul International Women’s Film Festival—a rare physical edition amidst the shapeshifting pandemic.

Abubakar Salim’s Pendulum Swing

The Kenyan-British actor on finding his craft via video games, science versus faith, and taking the lead on a Ridley Scott TV series.

Q&A with Claes Bang

The Danish actor on the secrets that people harbor, the anatomy of a powerful film moment, and the future of Netflix’s Dracula.