From the Archives: Haley Bennett

A look back at our conversation with The Girl on the Train star about her first-ever role, Gregg Araki, and her then-aspirations.

From the Archives: Edgar Ramírez

A look back at our intimate conversation with the Venezuelan actor who’s scaling new heights as a leading man in 2016 and beyond.

From the Archives: Denis Villeneuve

A look back at our chat with the Sicario helmer about his masterpiece, Incendies, a lead up to (a masterpiece?) Blade Runner 2.

The Archives: Michael Fassbender

Looking back to the early days with the X-Men: Days of Future Past star in Los Angeles.

Q&A with Evan Glodell

Its been said that love is a many-splintering thing. For writer/director/actor Evan Glodell, it’s the profundity of the volatile relationship he shared with his now ex-girlfriend that inspired his feature-length directorial debut, Bellflower. He sacrificed almost everything to make it, too. Glodell sold off his belongings to fund the film, and moved into an abandoned […]

Catch-Up: Dominick Volini

The purveyors of good taste behind New York-based menswear label, Baron Wells, have the winning answers for your discerning closet.

Miranda July & Hamish Linklater

A Conversation with Miranda July and Hamish Linklater

Miranda July is a 37-year-old multi-hyphenate with an incredibly dense oeuvre to her name—short stories, performance art and feature films, among other things. The MoMA, the Guggenheim and the Whitney have all showcased her work, her words have been published in The New Yorker and her directorial debut film, Me and You and Everyone We […]


SPOT Survey

There is something rocking in the state of Denmark. I’m a Jewish kid from California, so I’ve always found it a bit difficult to explain to friends why I am so attracted to Scandinavia. Is it the women? Well, sure, they’re gorgeous, but that’s not it. Nor is it the liberal governments, the free health […]

Q&A with Brit Marling

A conversation with the breakout star of Another Earth whose epic triumph at Sundance was inarguably a triumph of good taste.

Andrew Levitas

Andrew Levitas’ Heavy Metal

The multi-hyphenate reflects on his Metal Work sculptures, the laissez-faire life of an artist and finding community.

Q&A with James Marsh

In November 1974, a baby chimp is born at a primate research center in Oklahoma. A few days later, his mother is knocked out with a tranquilizer dart, her screaming baby torn from her side and placed into the waiting arms of his new, human “mother,” a graduate student of psychology at Columbia University. James […]

Q&A with Marc Singer

The British filmmaker revisits the homeless community in NYC’s Amtrak tunnels with the 10th year special edition release of Dark Days.

Catch Up: DJ Harvey

The legendary Harvey Bassett talks stage antics, the world’s largest acid tab and sheds some light on his latest project, Locussolus.

Studio Visit: Kitsuné

Stéphane “DJ Falcon” Quême shot a handful of photos at the label’s Paris offices while we caught up with the company’s head honcho, Gildas Loaëc.

Mélanie Laurent & Mike Mills

A Conversation with Mike Mills and Mélanie Laurent

First the facts: Mike Mills is a 45-year-old creative polymath who began his career as a graphic designer with commissions from some of music’s coolest titans like the Beastie Boys, Air, Cibo Matto and Sonic Youth. Naturally, music videos and commercials soon followed. On the feature film front, Mills made his directorial debut in 2005 […]

Q&A with Richard Ayoade

It’s likely you’re already familiar with Richard Ayoade’s sprawling work. In front of the camera, he’s chiefly known for playing the brilliant yet socially inept Maurice Moss on the hit British sitcom, The IT Crowd. He also directed music videos for some bands you might’ve heard of such as the Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and […]

Antonia Campbell-Hughes

Cannes 2011: A Pictorial Roundup

Usually, as the 11 days of the Cannes Film Festival carries on, a lethal mix of fatigue, bad temper, disappointments, envy, and excruciating hangovers befall all but the most indefatigable of optimists. Thankfully, it’s smoother sailing for those of us without press deadlines, even at the sight of a bursting inbox waving a white flag […]

Video: Introducing ArpLine

In a recent conversation with our good friend and Anthem contributor, Timothy Saccenti, he had this to say about the creative community in New York: “There’s a system in New York where if you’re not trying to survive, struggling to do something interesting, the city will purge you out very quickly. There’s always this feeling […]

Q&A with Robag Wruhme

We catch up with the legendary DJ, primarily known as the production half of the now defunct Wighnomy Brothers, to chat about his solo career and new LP.

Zach Braff

Tribeca 12

A pictorial survey of our favorite talent from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.


Q&A with Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Fresh off the back of a logo overhaul and brand refresh, we chatted with Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair’s founders, Lee Cotter―who handles menswears―and Astrid Olsson―who designs for the women’s line―about their humble beginnings in 2004, their impressive global expansion, their collaborative endeavors, and their diverse designs. Alright―let’s start with the simple stuff. Where does your […]


Q&A with Gaspard Ulliel

A conversation with the French actor about his latest film, The Princess of Montpensier, and working with Martin Scorsese and Gus Van Sant.

Q&A with Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson is officially on our watchlist (no, not that kind of watchlist). If the rising star poses any threat, it’s his side-aching humor and overbearing charisma that we need to worry about. Despite his relative anonymity—you might recognize him from his recent supporting roles as the pseudo-goofy everyman in Paper Heart, Get Him to […]

Zoe Kazan

Q&A with Zoe Kazan

On the surface, Zoe Kazan seems like every other Hollywood commodity we’ve stocked up on—affable and beautiful, the impossibly perfect girl next door—but spend some time with the 27-year-old and you’ll walk away knowing she stands apart from the desperate huddle of other actresses and default famous daughters. Crucially, with her feet firmly planted in […]

Panda Bear

Q&A with Panda Bear

“Hope your power doesn’t go out man.” Those were the last words uttered by Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) to me as he signed off from our phone conversation. A conversation brought to light by the impending release of Tomboy, which may or may not change your life. Just mere seconds after my conversation with […]

Q&A with Susanne Bier

Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier has amassed quite the following in her native homeland over the past couple decades. More than 850,000 people in Denmark flocked to theaters for her 1999 breakout hit, The One and Only, which is truly remarkable in a country with some 5 million inhabitants. Despite her enduring obscurity elsewhere in the […]

Catch-Up: Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey doesn’t need a lot of introduction. The former porn star who started out in the adult film industry at 18 years old has since crossed over into the mainstream, no doubt spurred on by the sensationalized media coverage she received from L.A. Times magazine, The Insider and Rolling Stone. Grey also scored the […]

Catch-Up: Timothy Saccenti

Timothy Saccenti’s all-encompassing body of work—music videos, still photography, commercials, short films and fine art projects—is often brushed with heavy strokes of a certain surreal eeriness that lurks beneath a disarmingly beautiful and polished exterior. Consider the creative polymath’s videos for Battles’ “Atlas” and Blonde Redhead’s “Not Getting There,” for instance, where the bands are […]

Q&A with Lou Taylor Pucci

Lou Taylor Pucci entered the cultural conversation with his breakout role as a 17-year-old thumbsucker in Mike Mills’ feature film debut in 2005. After picking up the Silver Bear at Berlinale and the Special Jury Prize at Sundance that year, the previously unheard-of actor, who admits to being more interested in characters than celebrity and […]


Q&A with Killing Spree, DISARO, and Pendu Recordings

The most current love child of electronic music is a genre based on a dark aesthetic commonly referred to as “witch house.” It’s influences run across a wide spectrum of music, from hip hop to industrial. While its not easily definable, the common thread seems that these artists are on a mission to do things […]

Ørgreen København Sunglasses

Q&A with Ørgreen

Denmark has always been a nation known and lauded for its keen sense of design and the myriad companies and firms that pump out some of the sleekest, most minimal, yet modern and sexy products you’ll find. From furniture to clothing, fashion accessories to graphic design, the small Scandinavian country seems endlessly endowed with creatives […]

Q&A with Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche has a range few other actresses can rival. She’s good enough to win an Oscar and embodies the kind of charismatic appeal that allows her to cross the moviegoing divide. This is certainly underscored by her most recent role in Abbas Kiarostami’s Certified Copy for which she earned the Best Actress honor at […]

Q&A with Apichatpong Weerasethakul

In the pastoral landscapes of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, all forms of life are inextricably intertwined. The film concerns itself with complacent animals and mythical creatures as much as it does the affairs of human beings. The coexistence of such variant protagonists as an aging princess, a monkey/man hybrid, […]


Q&A with Gatekeeper

For one reason or another, underground electronic music has seen a lot of activity in the darker realms as of late. From the controversial blog-propelled, youngster-approved microgenres “grave rave” and “witch house” to the second coming of icy minimal synth music, it’s very clear that, at least for now, the kids want their Goth jams. […]

Q&A with Jon Foster

Elle Fanning, Dave Franco, Lizzie Olsen, Rooney Mara… It’s proving difficult to keep track of all these semi-lesser known celebrity siblings. For what it’s worth, though, the name association game proves futile once you realize that talent so genuinely courses through the blood of these immensely talented families. Jon Foster, perhaps best known as a […]

Berlinale Exclusive: Alma Har’el

With close to four hundred films screened at the Berlin Film Festival each year, at least one thing is certain: Berlinale aspires to please filmgoers of all stripes and colors. One film that made a significant blip on our radar in 2011 is Alma Har’el’s Bombay Beach, which premiered in the Panorama Dokumente sidebar. The […]

Sundance Exclusive: Elizabeth Olsen, Star Of "Martha Marcy May Marlene"

Let’s get this out of the way: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Olsen is the youngest Olsen sister (yes, that Olsen). But make the mistake of comparing the 21-year-old NYU senior to her larger-than-life siblings, and you’ll likely meet an unwanted finger-wagging challenge. She never set out to become an entrepreneur, you see. She wants us to know […]

Sundance Exclusive: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean’s "On the Ice"

The native Iñupiat filmmaker returned to Sundance with his first full-length feature, a taut coming-of-age drama shot in his own backyard.

Sundance Exclusive: Gregg Araki’s "Kaboom"

Sundance veteran Gregg Araki returned to the festival this year with his tenth feature film, Kaboom, a colorful and over-sexed romp that reconfirms what we’ve known all along: The cult icon’s tripped out movies are over the top, singular in vision, and full of fresh raw vitality. What’s more, despite being in his 50s, Araki […]

Q&A with C. Scott Willis

First the facts: Francesca Woodman is one of the great “never-was” of the late 20th century photography, having found posthumous fame like so many ill-fated visionaries in the annals of art history. Fearless, vulnerable, eloquent, childlike, and a bevy more conflicting adjectives describes the then 22-year-old RISD graduate whose growing body of work (many of […]

Q&A with the Concretes

We at Anthem have always been tremendous fans of Swedish pop, which, as most of you are well aware of, means being necessarily obsessed with the Concretes, a band that's been around for about 15 years now. Despite their lengthy tenure as a group, the sextet (previously a septet until vocalist Victoria Bergman left to […]

Q&A with Derek Cianfrance

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams may be the ones adorning snazzy magazine covers for their performances in Blue Valentine, but let us not forget its comparably unsung director, Derek Cianfrance. After a storied 12 years in development, his astounding film premiered at Sundance earlier this year (and later migrated to Cannes) where critics likened it […]

Q&A with Alejandro González Iñárritu

It might seem fatuous to point out that when it comes to Alejandro González Iñárritu’s uncommon films, tragedy underpins almost everything—but this is an enduring thought. Following up on his Academy Award-nominated film, Babel, the 47-year-old Mexican director hits another career high with Biutiful, which (not surprisingly) continues to pass some big, knotted questions across […]

Warren Fu

Q&A with Warren Fu

One of our current favorite music video directors takes us behind-the-scenes of Daft Punk’s “Derezzed.”

Catch-Up: Midnight Juggernauts

“Never been a detainee of fate/ I ask why restrain your mind in chains?” So begin the lyrics to “This New Technology,” a drama-fueled, cataclysmic anthem off the Midnight Juggernauts’ The Crystal Axis LP, which hits shelves on December 14. (By Jove, that’s tomorrow!) With their sophomore effort, Vincent Vendetta (keyboardist/vocalist), Andy Szekeres (bassist/vocalist), and […]

Q&A with Organge Juice

One of the most significant and influential post-punk bands to come out of Scotland, Orange Juice, recently shacked up with Domino Recording Co. to put together a truly massive retrospective box set, which perfectly documents the band's entire history. The six-disc, 124-track Coals To Newcastle, which can be purchased for $60 from Domino USA's Web […]

Q&A with Vik Muniz

In Lucy Walker’s deeply moving documentary, Waste Land, renowned artist Vik Muniz journeys from his homebase in Brooklyn to Jardim Gramacho, which is known to be one of the largest open-air landfills in Latin America. During his three-year visit, Muniz labored like a monk with his eyes riveted to human disaster, creating larger-than-life portraits of […]

NY Film Festival Exclusive: The Oscar Belongs To Lesley Manville

The gifted actress on playing an alcoholic, her frequent collaborations with Mike Leigh, and the lack of great screenplays.

NY Fashion Week Exclusive: Sara Ziff’s "Picture Me"

At 27, Sara Ziff calls herself “ancient” in the modeling world, and in a certain sense she is. “Just the other day I was backstage at a show talking to a model that was just starting out and doing all the shows. I asked her, ‘How old is old now?’ and she said, ‘Oh, you […]

Gaspard Noé

Q&A with Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé is something of a filmmaker’s filmmaker. For one thing, the 46-year-old provocateur never sells himself short. He’s not pinned down by box office woes and doesn’t try to woo his way into conservative film circles. Remember the brutal 9-minute rape scene in his 2002 film? Sienna Miller put it thusly: “I couldn’t watch […]